Discover the Alentejo appellation: a unique terroir in Portugal

April 28, 2024

The Alentejo, located in southern Portugal, is a renowned wine-growing region that extends over a large part of the country.

Known for its rolling landscapes dotted with cork oaks and olive groves, the Alentejo has a Mediterranean climate, ideal for viticulture. The region is divided into eight sub-regions, each with distinct climatic characteristics and soils, ranging from granite and schist to limestone.

Range of colors and grape varieties

Alentejo is famous for its robust, full-bodied red wines, which account for the majority of its production. These reds are often deep, with cherry-red to garnet hues. White wines, though less common, are remarkably fresh and aromatic. Main grape varieties include Aragonez (Tempranillo), Trincadeira, Castel√£o and Alicante Bouschet for the reds, while the whites are mainly produced from Ant√£o Vaz, Arinto and Roupeiro.

Description and style of appellation

Alentejo wines are appreciated for their aromatic intensity and volume on the palate. The reds, often aged in oak barrels, offer aromas of ripe black fruits, chocolate and spices, with tannins that are present but soft. The whites seduce with their freshness and notes of tropical fruit, often with a touch of minerality.

The Alentejo terroir

Alentejo's terroir plays a crucial role in distinguishing the region's wines. Variations in soil, altitude and microclimate across the sub-regions allow for a diversity of styles and qualities. This diversity is enhanced by viticultural practices adapted to arid conditions, including controlled irrigation and careful management of foliage to protect grapes from intense sun.

Wine production

Production in Alentejo is marked by a harmony between traditional methods and modern innovations. Many producers adopt sustainable and organic practices, reducing the use of pesticides and promoting biodiversity. The region is also a pioneer in the implementation of advanced techniques to improve water management and the selection of grape varieties best suited to the local environment.


Alentejo is an appellation that attracts not only for the quality of its wines, but also for its commitment to sustainable, environmentally-friendly viticulture. Offering a diverse range of wines that reflect the richness of its terroir, Alentejo continues to captivate wine lovers the world over, honoring the Portuguese wine tradition.

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